French Alps

The registration fees include accommodation and meals (from diner on the 27th to lunch on the 31st) during the workshop. Before after the meeting, accommodation and meals are possible upon request ( but are not included in the registration fees.

The attendence to the workshop was restricted to 100 persons.

The registration to the workshop included two steps:

1- Pre-registration on this website. Among other administrative information, an email address was asked. Care needed to be taken in providing a proper email address, as it was latter the only way to find individual's information in the database. The relevant fee had to be selected: student/postdoc (early bird: 250 euros, late registration: 350 euros), other (early bird: 500 euros, late registration: 650 euros), invited speaker/committee (0 euros).

2- A confirmation email from the organizers was then directly sent to pre-registered people, providing the link allowing to confirm ones' registration, which required that the kind of payment (credit card or invoice/order form) and the corresponding details be specified. In case of a bank transfer, the bank coordinates (IBAN/BIC) found in this document needed to be used, the reference number ("F0xxx" appearing on the invoice/order form) and the name "EWEG2013" needed to be specified. Cash payment of the registration fees at the workshop site could not be accepted.

Attention was drawn on the possible need for a visa for those participants travelling from outside Europe. Invitation letter, were provided by the organizers upon request by email Assistant for registration issues could be asked for by email to the organizers.