The submission of abstracts to EWEG/2D'2014 is now open (deadline February, 28th, 2014).

It is exclusively done via an electronic form system. This system allows you to submit an abstract in text format (body text 1500 characters max, no word or open/libre office or pdf document) and to upload an image (max. size 2 Mb, allowed formats .eps, .png, .jpg). Please follow the instructions included in the electronic form system. Please do not send abstracts by email.

Please take care to provide a proper email address in the corresponding field.

Follow this link for abstract submission.

Please note that your abstract submission is successful if:
i) a browser page displays: " Thank you! Your response survey has been recorded.",
ii) the submitting author receives the automatic acknowledgement email.

Note for Chrome web browser users: in case you do not receive any notification for your abstract submission, please repeat the procedure under the "incognito" (private browsing mode).

Registration is also
opened, but is not required for abstract submission.